woensdag 1 juni 2011


Here is an update about the first months at the Niaf!
At the beginning I have spent most of my time reading, writing and sketching.
In this period I went to many exhibitions, (puppet)theatre shows and watched a big pile of films. Really great that the residency makes it possible to take time for such research! This resulted in several ideas for projects I'm working alternately on since. If I'm stuck with one project, I work further with one of the others plans. This method worked well, but now I feel the need to focus more on one thing. A filmplan about parades is the first project I choose to focus on. Inspired by the 'mass scenes' of the flemish painter James Ensor, and the animationfilms of George Schwizgebel, I am working now on a sort of 'moving painting' animation were patterns of movement and costumes weave through each other.
Some sketches and tests beneath:


If these religious people don't end up in the film, I will definately use the omit-style in another film.

Other projects that keep me busy include an idea for a travelling small theater in the shape of a head. Through the eye you can look inside. 'Door andermans ogen', is a filmplan I'm still working on. It's about a couple who projects there unfulfilled wishes on the dog. 'Symbiose' is a plan for a theatershow wich I developed with the theatremaker Thomas Brand. Actors and animation-projections get an equal role in this play.

Sketches of the 'head-theater' project. The blue sketch is an idea for what you might see inside.
characterdesign sketches for 'Door andermans ogen'.
'Door andermans ogen' storyboard drawing. I like the idea of embracing the thing you fear.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er goed uit digna, ben erg benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!

  2. wat mooi die animatie tests! Tof hoe de figuren over elkaar heen bewegen en zo een geheel nieuw kleur/vorm patroon vormen.