woensdag 4 oktober 2017


Recently I joined the animation team at KaChing-Cartoons in Rotterdam for the feature 'Heinz'. The red city cat, Heinz, is a happy kind of loser with a short fuse. He is born and raised in Amsterdam. One day he wakes up in a strange bed in a fairytale forest. No idea how he got there, but everyone is raging at him, and his son suddenly has disappeared.  A desperate search, chased by a growing army of crazy ones, leads from its many local pubs along the Flemish Zurkelt route,  to a mysterious tropical island and the diabolical alien Bag.
During a spectacular confrontation in New York,  Heinz manage to mess up his plan to eradicate humanity and instead save his son. On a broomstick, the fly back to home together. Just in time before his favorite pub closes.
Based on the famous strip Heinz by René Windig and Eddie Jon, published in Het Parool.
Director:Piet Kroon
Producer: Bosbros
Release 2018


Pettenpret Teaser from il Luster on Vimeo.
It was fun to work again on a new season of the pre-school children serie Pettenpret!

Bloeistraat 11

Synopsis: Two young teens spend the summer together in and around the house of one of them. During this summer puberty sets in and the girls start to drift apart.
Director-writer:  Nienke Deutz
Producer: Lunanime, Windmill Film, Need Productions
For this beautiful project I made part of the 2D animation. You can watch a tiny small bit at www.nienkedeutz.com

Etgar Keret 'based on a true story'

In his extremely short stories, the Israeli writer Etgar Keret plays an impressive game with fantasy and reality. The story of his life, too, sounds like a modern fairy tale. In this hybrid documentary Stephane Kaas and Rutger Lemm investigate why telling lies is essential to Keret’s survival. Nina Gantz and I worked together on de animated stories in the film. Animation direction, backgrounds and some animation shots are done by me. Below you can watch the trailer.

Etgar Keret: Based on a True Story from BALDR Film on Vimeo.